Spring... err... End of Summer Cleaning

So I'm a little late on this whole "spring cleaning" thing. Give me a break - I'm new at this lady of the house idea. The point is, I got around to it. And Hubs graciously gave into my whining volunteered to help me out today. Today is kind of a miracle in that Hubs and I don't have anything to do and we both got about 12 hours of sleep last night and aren't in the least bit hungover tired today. That. Never. Happens. I We decided to embrace this fact and made it our goal to clean our bedroom.

I'm currently finishing up my Masters in Education and one of the big concepts we talk about in my classes is that of authentic assessment. Basically this means applying some concept or task in a real-world way. Well... let me tell you what. Instead of the marriage prep class we took last July (which, by the way, we graduated with flying colors, thank you very much), if they wanted to find out if our marriage would last, all they would have had to do was lock us up together in our upstairs bedroom that has one year a few weeks worth of dust as well as all of my both of our clothes and shoes scattered everywhere and told us we had two hours to clean it. I'm happy to say we both survived, albeit with many a few outbursts, and the bedroom now looks ah-maz-ing. Our new goal is to never go a whole year few weeks without vacuuming, dusting and tidying again. We shall see.

In other related news, I have a new favorite vacuum cleaner attachment. (Mom, I know you're about to pass out as you read this right now). But seriously, that little brush thing is really underrated. Forget dusting - just run that thing right over your bedside table and BAM - job's done. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this whole wife thing!

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